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Your Past Doesn’t Have to Be Your Future

Your Past Doesn’t Have to Be Your Future.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith- and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

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I was the girl who was quiet, and kept to herself.

I was the girl too scared to speak up for fear of what others might think.

Perfectionism: I let other people depict who I should be in order to please them. I was a people pleaser. Still am…


I have a hard time cutting myself some slack because I try so hard to be “perfect”

I fell into sin, and had a hard time loving myself. Had a hard time accepting myself because I no longer felt I fit into the “in crowd”

I felt unwanted because of sin.

But, that’s not how God works.

He always wants us.

Everything we are, He wants.

Past sins, future sins, burdens, brokenness, and the hurt. He wants it

God forgives the sins, carries the burdens, mends the broken, and comforts the hurt.

Your Past Doesn’t Have to Be your Future.

I used to watch pornography. I was addicted, and if I’m honest with myself, it is always going to be a daily fight.

I used to hate myself because I watched it.

Growing up in a Christian home, going to church regularly, going to a Christian school, and only listening and watching clean things on tv, I thought everyone considered me the “goodie, goodie”

I felt so ashamed that this girl who felt like she had to be perfect, was so imperfect behind closed doors.

I fell into the trap that Satan set before me.

I thought that God didn’t love me, that if I told anyone, they would hate me, that everyone I loved would leave me.

Satan’s voice consistently told me that I’m worthless, that I have no value, that I am unlovable and unwanted.

But I had a Father, and I still have a Father who said, and still says “Sarah, I still love you. I died for you! I want you”

God NEVER let me go.

He always had that little grasp on me, telling me to come back. Always reminding me that He wants me.

There was a time where I was in so much hurt and pain, that those lies were getting to me, where I asked God to just show me that He loved me.

Who can be against us | God fights | God Loves | He saves | He loves

During that time of hurt, he gave me a hug. I remember it so well, and after he hugged me, I felt so much peace, so much love, and realized that He did want me and loved me.

I was trapped for 4 years, 4 of my high school years until Jesus said “NO MORE, will my daughter be held captive”. That happened 2 weeks before my freshman year of college started.

I still do struggle, but I have a God who fights for me.

I don’t have to fight.

My sin does not have to be my future.

I don’t have to believe the lies that Satan tells me.

The lie of you are worth nothing, of hate, where he tells me that sin broke everything that I had.


God conquered those lies.

The truth is, You are Priceless, You are loved, Just because you fell, doesn’t mean you can’t get back up!

God gave His only Son to die for you because He loves you so much (John 3:16).

I believe God wants to use your story for His glory. He wants to use mine for His glory.

God saved me out of that dark place because he loves me that much.

He wants to save you. He wants you to go to Him.

God, the Father, the Perfect Father, wants to tell you that you are beautifully and wonderfully made in His Image (Ps. 139).

God wants you, All of you, brokenness, imperfection, pain, hurt and everything.

He wants to carry your burdens for you.

He died so that we may have life (2 Cor. 5:15)

YOUR PAST DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOUR FUTURE because your future is brighter than your past!

God Wants You | Extraordinary | Empowerment | Brave | God's Grace

God still loves you even when you mess up.

God wants you to come to him because you are His child.

Your story is extraordinary and can be used for extraordinary opportunities if your willing!

I know for me, I never would have thought I would have a blog, singing in front of people, or even playing piano.

But God is going to do what He wants to do, and thats make his children be and feel extraordinary

Are You willing to allow God to do something Awesome with your Past so that you can have an incredible Future?

If your still struggling in your storm, click here!

May your Day Sparkle!




10 thoughts to “Your Past Doesn’t Have to Be Your Future”

  1. Sarah, thanks so much for having the courage to share your struggles with a sin that is usually such a source of shame and guilt to its captives! I think for women especially (since there aren’t a host of supportive books like Every Man’s Battle implying that it’s normal for girls) it’s really really hard to tell others about this struggle. Thank you so much for your candidness, it’s a big encouragement to others, and I am praying for you! You go girl!

  2. This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing!!! I love how you talk about being perceived as so good and ‘perfect’ but then having internal struggles to bear, I think we can all relate to that. I love your honesty and I know this post will touch many other hurting, but hopeful hearts.

    1. It is a common thing to feel like a young girl has to live up to an expectation that isn’t reachable.
      Thank you!
      May God bless you!


  3. Wow! I will definitely be pinning this post. As a Christian woman who has struggled with lust many times, I can relate. As a matter of fact, I think that every woman can relate to this post on some level. The enemy wants us to feel isolated and totally broken. But God has called us His redeemed daughters! He has called us to freedom and new life. May God bless you and help you through your journey and give you victory.

    1. Amen! The enemy does want us to feel shame and to feel isolated, but it is great that we have a Father in Heaven who is always beckoning us, always calling us back to Him!
      Thank you and May God bless you as well!


  4. Thank you for being so authentic and sharing your journey. It’s a hard thing to do, but whenever we share our struggles, God always uses that for His good. Even though I’ve never dealt with pornography directly, I’ve had similar struggles with sexuality related issues. It’s really hard to talk about in the church because there’s often a big stigma attached to it (though I think that is lessening as more people are coming forward and being authentic about their struggles). The more we bring our secret sins to the light and share how God is helping us through those things, the more likely others are to come forward with their struggles. Thanks for helping others to do that through this post!

  5. Sarah, this is amazing! Throughout its entirety, I found myself heavily nodding along because I too was there once (different sin but still in the same boat). It is so important to know that no matter the sin, burden, or fear, that we have a God that loves us. We have a God that sacrificed His ONLY son for our salvation.

    Thank you so much for sharing this, as well as being so encouraging <3

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