When Life Gives You…MATTE

When life gives you matte, replace it with sparkle.

As they say, “spread a little bit of sparkle everywhere you go”. I know it is not that easy but it’s always worth a try.

What makes you smile? What makes you laugh? How long has it been since you have laughed so hard, your stomach hurt?

For me, it’s hard to laugh till my stomach hurts with my crazy schedule of trying eat, sleep, school, and blog. I know, my life is not as busy, YET. But find time to laugh and smile.

Find some crazy wacky friends that will come up to you, look you straight in the eye, look at you creepily. That is sure to make you laugh. I know it does me! It works every time. Probably because whenever my friend does it, she smiles at me too, and then I laugh, then she tries to copy my laugh, which doesn’t always work, but it’s hilarious.

I then will find my day so much better. Also remember that Christ is there for you. He is waiting to give you strength and perseverance for each day. Even for the matte days and the sparkly days.

Of course being in college there are going to be matte days, but as long as you have a bunch of sparkly days and trust that God will bring those sparkly days soon, you will make it.

Through the tunnel is always a big pit of glitter waiting for you to jump in. That’s how I like to imagine it!

May your day SPARKLE,


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