Too Stressed to Sparkle?

Seniors in high school.

It is that time of year. FAFSA, College, GPA, dual enrolling. Everyone says it, Christmas break is the time to do it all.

After all, nothing to do other than school work and applications or so they say. Life is rough for you! I know, I know. Been there done that.

Let’s just say, it was the most difficult time but also a very enjoyable time for me. The end is near. What shall one do with all that stress? Take a break, breath, and watch the YouTube video, “the Grinch does yoga”. For me, that was my stress reliever video (Still is with college).

Enjoy your family and friends. Have a lazy day and just do nothing. Don’t let what other people tell you what you should do and shouldn’t do right away. Of course, listen to the advice, but that doesn’t always mean you have to take it.

Don’t feel pressured, people just want to help and extend their experience upon you. But, everybody’s experience is different, that includes yours. Choosing a college can be very difficult. Don’t overthink it, that will make it worse and stress you out even more than necessary.

Just breathe and look upon the Lord. He will guide you!

You do not always have to know what to do, where to go, when to do anything this moment in time. There is plenty of time. Enjoy your break and enjoy the rest of your senior year. You got this!

May your day Sparkle,

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