The Lord is Good!

So this week has been both good and hard. It started out as great until I realized that the introverted me started popping out and that I was experiencing burn out from pouring into kids and other people for the past couple weeks as I CO, but the Lord I found has been faithful in giving me just enough strength to carry on the task of serving him.

As I was doing riflry one day, our chaplain for the week tagged along to shoot and he noticed that what we use to hang up targets on ply wood was a dinky little office stapler. Let’s just say, that stapler has gotten banged, thrown and whacked from getting jammed so much. HAHA.

So he made it his mission to get the riflry range a nice state of the line, staple gun! That brightened me so quickly, it was great. That’s not all though… It gets better. Wednesday, we have the gospel chat during chapel and after we get 1 on 1’s which is a chance for the cabin leaders and CO’s to have the opportunity to get to know the camper individually.

I had many girls come to me and either break down crying, or just a fun chat or actually have a chance to share the plan of Salvation. I had the opportunity to lead three girls to Christ this week. 2 of them accepted Christ as their Savior, another recommitted herself to Christ and we had 1 more girl come to Christ while the speaker preached.

This was such an amazing week to see each of these girls give their lives to Christ so that they could have life again. Another blessing from God is when I wanted to go home for the weekend on my day off. I had a rock climbing session right before dinner and my ride wanted to leave right at dinner.

This made me nervous and me thinking that I probably could not go home. But the Lord provides and wants me to trust and boy did I get a 2X4 in my face. Lol.

The rock climbing session was canceled and even during my worrying that I could not go home, I had the song “Every Giant Will Fall” and part of the lyrics go, “Every giant will fall, the mountains will move, Every chain of the past, You’ve broken in two, Over fear, over lies, we’re singing the truth. That nothing is impossible with You…”

Trusting in God is major and when the Lord provides, He certainly provides!

Prayer Requests:

  • For the incoming campers to know Christ and Accept
  • For Strength Emotionally, Physically, and Mentally for All staff so we can put our best in doing God’s work

May your Day Sparkle Bright,


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