Stuck in the Middle

This week was quite enjoyable for me.

I had the opportunity to go home for a little while last weekend which was very much needed for me since I hadn’t been home in over a month.

I got to see my family and nieces and cousins which was super fun to see how much the kids had grown in such a short time span.

On Sunday most the staff that isn’t a cabin leader had the opportunity to go to ludington state park and get ice cream from House of Flavors and go mini golfing.

It was very fun and relaxing to get off the ranch for a little while and have a fun time with friends. I had the opportunity to CO (cabin observe) again this week for friendship camp.

Friendship camp is a week specified for adults with special needs.

The girls I was paired with were super chill and easygoing which was very nice for me since I was pretty worn out from the previous week.

I was able to take time for myself to spend time in the Word and with myself which to me is essential when you pour into people constantly. Since I was CO, that means I get the privilege of working two jobs. (Rec staff and CO).

As rec staff I got to do kids camp hour with the family camp kids while the parents attend devotions. Monday we had a great crowd of about 15-20 kids but the rest of the week we averaged out at around 10 kids. I get to meet new kids and get to know them and also see them when I run target sports and high adventure activities along with see them in the barn store when they come to get ice cream.

On Friday, the camp put on a parade for the 4th and we walked around the camp grounds which there are several. Rec staff decided to put ourselves in harnesses and some had ice picks and we all were tied together.

At one point we were getting attacked with water balloons and the funniest part was we could not run away from them because we all were tied together so everyone is pulling and getting tugged. It was quite hilarious and the kids found it enjoyable to watch the struggle of being tied together.

This coming week I get to CO once again with 10-13 year olds which I am super excited to get my extroverted side on!

Some things you can pray for:

Strength for me and all staff

The kids coming this week and that they will be impacted greatly

May your Day SPARKLE,


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