Spread Sparkle Everywhere!

Last Semester was my very first semester of college. I learned so much not only about myself but about how to interact with others on a deeper level.

I have learned that I must be my sparkly self and “spread glitter EVERYWHERE”!!

It has been a very fun semester and I enjoyed myself very much. I worked hard. Blood, Sweat and Tears, as I like to call it, went into what my good grades are. My friends supported me and gave me laughter.

Laughter is so important because it gives you endorphins, Haha! They showed me what true laughter looks like. It looks like craziness. LITERALLY!

The good days, the bad days, the “eh” days, I always made sure there was some way to show my sparkly side. How can you show your sparkly side? Smile. Jump in the air. Skip. Sing.

Show the love and joy of Christ in you, give to someone in need, whatever makes you happy. Sparkle goes deeper than just being happy. It goes down to what Christ has done for me and for you. He has gifted his body with so many talents and gifts.

I have stepped out of my comfort zone by leading worship in a church, and playing my violin more. It was not easy, but I know that what I do is not for man, but for the “upward goal of Christ” (Phil. 3:14).

Being sparkly can include even the smallest of things. You go shopping, talk to your best friend, help someone. Do whatever makes you happy. Sparkling bright is a quality you show. It’s something that everyone and anyone can do.

Sometimes, all I have to do is have some sugar or coffee and I’m as hyper as can be, jumping off the walls and then I give some to my friends and they are all in with the fun.

May your day Sparkle,


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  1. I’m told I am funny which makes me spread sparkle. I love the sound of laughter. I enjoy seeing people smile. It’s good for the soul. I like to have a great time because life is good. Not everyone thinks so. That’s why sparkle is so necessary. The more sparkly energy we can dredge up in ourselves and elicit in others I believe, will help to make the whole world a better place to live, [not just survive]. Sometimes, I may have too much energy, and I don’t even drink caffeine. I just feel like there’s enough pain, and not enough sparkle. If I can’t bring my sparkle…I stay home!!!

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