Say Wha??

Well, the past couple days have been incredibly crazy and event filled.

I am back living in the dorms and have one spectacular roommate 😉

Our room is finally the way we want it. Yes, that is a hammock hanging on the side of my bed. Haha!

My side of course if filled to the brim with food, haha! Both of us have had our fun share of cakes and muffins in a mug for a lovely late night snack which who doesn’t want cake? haha.

Last Wednesday, the school has this big event called Pull Apart. It is super fun and it also makes you wonder what kind of school do I go to?

It’s where the guys are in a pile holding on for dear life onto each other and the girls have to pull them apart in 21 minutes. The girls won, of course! 🙂

I did not participate but I was enjoying myself on the sideline cheering the girls on. Then there is Labor Day weekend. I went home for the weekend and on Monday, my dad took me shooting. No I’m not a sharp shooter, but I can hit a target 😉

In the friendly competition of who can hit the target the most, my dad only won by one shot, but I’m pretty sure I could’ve won if I wanted to 🙂 Hehe.

It was quite the busy week this week that entailed many nights filled with my yummy cakes in a mugs. Time for a new week!

May your day Sparkle


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