Learn to Dance in the rain

It is raining where I am. Yeah! I love rain.

When it rains, it pours.

So goes the saying. When I see rain, I see coffee, reading, Netflix and my comfy, cozy bed.

I love when it rains. It is so much fun to run through the rain trying not to get wet, or trying my best to get as wet as possible. When it rained, I was the one excited to run through it and dance.

Sometimes, it rains in life though. Hardships come along. You don’t do so well in school, or your grades aren’t so hot. I admit, I don’t always have a good attitude when hardships rise. But what do I do when I see hardships rise?

I go to the Word. I read my favorite book or I look up verses that will cheer me up and give me guidance with whatever I am going through.

I also rely on my very good friends who cheer me up and also point me more toward the Lord. This is how you dance in the rain. You read your Bible.

Your Bible is your umbrella. But unlike the real umbrellas that tend to blow inside out with heavy wind, the Bible is the rock, foundation in life.

God’s got you covered.

May your day Sparkle,
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