Laugh Your Head Off!

One of my best friends is also my roommate.

We laugh all the time. We have a blast doing life together.

Ever wonder what you should do when life is stressful and you just need a break? My friend loves cinnabons. She tends to think that they are so delicious that she literally could eat 12 within 1 minute which really will make her go crazy.

She is a blast when she eats them because she jumps off the walls and always make me laugh. It is quite a stress reliever for the both of us. Another time, I hid in the room when she wasn’t looking and scared the living daylights out of her, which has worked multiple times. My friend and I love to laugh our heads off.

Last time we laughed so hard was when she spoke Portuguese and I tried to repeat her. Did not work. I pretty much mangled the word and that was fun. Haha! Boy, it is so fun and it’s a great stress reliever. Yesterday though, we watched Blues Clues.

Yep, that’s right, two college students decided to go down memory lane and watch one of our favorite shows from childhood. As I was watching this show, I thought it was so silly, but we enjoyed it. We sang the Blues Clues songs every time it came on.

It’s amazing what you remember from a show that you hadn’t watched in 15 years.

Next time you’re stressed, find your favorite childhood show and watch it. It can be enjoyable and just plain silly.

May your day Sparkle,


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