It’s the Final Countdown

Well, this week has been quite the week.

I had the opportunity to hang out with Holly’s family all last and most of this week. Watching the campfire and stargazing. All week I smelled like campfire and it was beautiful!

Crashing at their campsite was just the small little break that I needed and made the week go by faster. It was like I was camping again even though I was still at the place I worked. We also played Euchre and one of the games, Holly and I won.

That’s saying a lot since it had been the very first time I played. Last Saturday, it was camp prom for staff and the theme was Disney. I dressed up as Jesse from Toy Story, Holly was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. After we left the party, we headed to the store to help close and help clean out the soft serve (if you know what I mean ;).

Upon arriving though, there was a situation that needed housekeepers. Holly and I both know how housekeeping works so we went ahead and helped cleaned. It was great because we were still in costume and Holly got to clean a bathroom dressed like Belle.

Tuesday, we had stick horse rodeo. Thats when the horse wranglers and rec staff put on a show that includes the kids along with the horses. This Tuesday, there was a twist. Rec staff and wranglers switched positions.

Yep, I got to ride a horse! It was fun, but it was also quite interesting. While I was riding for the there and back race, my horse decided to trot but I thought it was a canter. Let’s just say, I stayed on and held on for dear life. haha.

It was great and fun to ride and do something different! Wednesday, after my last shift, I headed home for a small break. It is great because I was able to sleep and prep for college and spend time with my mom.

While it was busy and full of activities, it’s almost time for me to go back. I only have 6 days left at camp and that is mind blowing. It went quick ¬†and I have learned a lot from my time at camp. Prayers for me as I finish my last week and for strength and endurance.

May your Day Sparkle,


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