It’s okay to Rest!

Hello my friends!

This week has been slower for me. I chose not to CO this week as I have been so drained. It had been good to rest and be able to take time for myself this week.

This week I have been primarily at target sports which includes my all time favorite, riflry, but I have also come to thouroughly enjoy archery, tomohawks (which is mini axes you throw into a target) and sling shots.

While at target sports I was able to take it easy and be surrounded by God’s wonderful creation and that also includes the nasty mosquitoes. I feel like this week the devil was really trying to test my patience and how far he could make me go before I explode.

No I didn’t explode, the temptation was there but God is on my side giving me strength. I thankfully always have friends who make themselves available just so I can have a little support or get big whack from a 2X4 if I need it. (A 2X4 meaning like a slap in the face but harder because it’s pointing out the obvious and how I need to rely on God more.)

When i do need it though it usually goes in that order and ends in but your great and it’s a cycle. Lol. I’ve gotten many this week from those two friends. 😉

Working ministry is no easy task and I have had to learn that taking time for myself and for God is a crucial part for walking through each day. I have also been missing my friends from college and just wish I could be with them.

In just a short 5 weeks I will see them again. Time flies when your having fun I guess! It’s unbelievable to see that time is flying but also how God works in such a short time span. Soon it’s back to the books and endless studying.

God has blessed me greatly this past week with giving me just enough grace, patience and will power to carry out his work each and every day. Thank you every body for your prayers.

May your day SPARKLE,


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