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In the Midst of the Storm

In the Midst of the Storm, God is still Good!

In the midst of the storm, God’s love defends me!

In the midst of the storm, we may bend but, we will not break!

Storms are going to come. Storms are going to be painful.

But God is still Good!

He still cares!

He has NOT forgotten about you!

It’s hard to stand strong during a trial! It is so hard to be able to take on the storm ourselves. In fact, it is impossible to take on a storm all on our own.

We cannot conquer the storm on our own. God is the only one who conquers.

In fact, He has already conquered the war 2,000 years ago when he sent His Son to die for us.

He has already conquered whatever storm you are going through!

How amazing is that?

In the Midst of the Storm though, it may seem like God is silent.

Like He doesn’t care about what your going through.

It may seem like He hasn’t conquered the storm  because you are still feeling attacked.

Matthew 8:23 tells the story of Jesus and His disciples on the sea and a storm comes through. During this storm, all of the disciples freak out but Jesus is sleeping peacefully.

The disciples wake Jesus up and they are all in a frenzy. They want Him to calm the sea.

The disciples had little faith that they would survive. They had little faith that they would make it through the storm, but Jesus didn’t. He knew exactly what was happening.Storm | Jesus Walks on Water | Faith | Trials | John 16 | Disciples


Jesus calmed the storm.

But, He didn’t just calm it, He conquered that storm, and has conquered every storm after that.

He hasn’t neglected us.

Jesus was with the disciples, in the boat, IN the storm.

He is with you!

He carries us through the storm!

Instead of leaving us to fend for ourselves, he walks with us, and when we are too weary to walk, he carries!

God may not want to take you out of the storm because, he wants to walk you through it!

He wants to use what ever your going through for His glory.

He wants His child to experience His glory, and awesomeness.

The experience of His awesomeness is your story to share to the world!

He cares about the war that we’re in. He cares about our well being!

Whatever it is that you are going through, He has not forgotten you.

He is walking along side you right now to lead you through the storm.

The storm that your walking through, you can’t see what’s to come, but God CAN! 

He sees beyond the storm.

He sees the rainbow!


John 16 | Storm | Disciples | Faith | Jesus | Walking on Water

We don’t have to worry about what life throws at us.

Whether it’s a death, a breakup, divorce, pain, whatever your going through that is tough.

God will bring you through!

He has overcome whatever you are going through. And whatever circumstance you are in, God will use for His glory!






His love defends Me!

I hope that you enjoyed today’s post and the song.

My friends and I collaborated together to make this happen.

My your day Sparkle, and don’t forget to spread some glitter on the way!


3 thoughts to “In the Midst of the Storm”

  1. Such a great reminder that God is always with us even through the hard times. I have found that if I am patient, God usually finds a way to comfort me and let me know that I am not alone.

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