I’m Back!

Hi Ya’ll,

This summer has been so fun for me and it’s only the beginning!

Fun! I have been working at a CranHill Ranch since May 21. It’s so great and so fun. All the staff there is so excellent and fun to work with. I am working as Rec staff. That means I am pretty much everywhere.

Kitchen, housekeeping, target sports, high ropes, rock climbing, cabin leading, and anywhere else that needs another helping hand. I stay pretty busy and hardly have time to even sit. So far, I have learned how to tie a variety of knots, clean, work in a store, take care of all the target sports equipment.

I have also have had the opportunity to lead a kid’s Bible lesson, run a gaga ball double elimination tournament (that gets complicated real fast for me haha) and a rodeo. Last week, I had the opportunity to go to Big Ticket Festival and that was a Blast!

Rock Climbing



I got to see Family Force 5 which was quite interesting to watch on Thursday and on Friday, For King and Country! For King and Country put on a great show and I had the awesome opportunity to be in the very front (being short has it’s perks).

This week was the first week for youth summer campers and I had the opportunity to CO. CO is another way of saying cabin observing and what that means is, when I’m not running activities, I’m with my assigned cabin and pouring into them and just hanging out! That definitely fills up your schedule real fast, but I enjoy it so much.

The cabin leader and I had the responsibility of 16 joyful young ladies between the ages of 10-13. That was a fun age group to hang out with! This week was the week where I was the most extroverted and upbeat just to make the campers smile. That’s my favorite, when I see the campers smile and laugh. While I’m mostly upbeat, I can be somewhat introverted, so this week was a stretch.

I am quite tired from being with people but I also enjoy it very much! Being at camp and walking EVERYWHERE, I can average around 18,000+ steps. That’s a lot of steps!

Being on the go all the time is fun but it is nice to take a break every once and awhile. When I get a break it’s nice to just hammock and do my devotionals, read a book or just chill and take a nap! Well that was one month in 300 words! Time to take on a new week!

May your day SPARKLE,


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