Studying for Finals

How did I study for finals?

Well, let me tell you, it didn’t include a whole lot of study time. It did include: lays potato chips, chocolate, coffee, hot chocolate, popcorn, potatoes and eggs. Pretty much all junk food with a slight mix of somewhat healthy in the mix.

Yes, that was my diet for finals week. Now how I actually studied? Well two of my exams were open book and notes. That took lots of preparation. That preparation included, 6 pages of notes, and 32 bookmarks in my textbook. Yes, it took me about 6 hours to prepare.

That’s minus breaks. About 7 hours including breaks.


It was worth it though because not only was it a great review, but it helped me flip quickly to what I needed for the actual exam.

Now the other two exams? I used my roommate. A LOT. She took the time to quiz and requiz and requiz me on the material I needed so badly to know.

 Although it may not have been actual productive study time. Though she was helpful in helping me study for finals. We spent long hours of reviewing and studying.

The way I studied wasn’t all pinteresty, but it worked for me and I did well on all my exams. My last exam however, well, let’s just say I didn’t study too much for that one.

You know how you study too much and then you feel like you can’t take any more information? Yup! That was me all the way by the end.

I am finished with my first semester and almost ready to take on another.

Well… after my longggg break. Haha

May your day sparkle


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