God Provides!

GOD PROVIDES and when he decides to provide, he really provides all the way!

Well, I did it! I officially own my blog. Going from spreadingglitter.wordpress.com to just plain ole spreadingglitter.com. God has definitely laid down on my heart to own this blog. By doing this, I will be able to monetize it, own it, and do many more things with it than I could with the free blog. I will say, I finally feel the weight lifted. It does not do a person any good by ignoring God’s call. I have no idea what God will do with this, but I pray that He will use it to bless you guys, the readers. God has gifted me greatly with the ability to write, so I must use it so that He can bless.

Before I even took action on starting it, I looked at the pricing for the hosting site. Man alive it was expensive! But, God provides! Not only did I receive extra money from my college for financial aid, but I also had a ton of money saved to start this blog. Now it didn’t end there! I ended up clicking on a deal for Bluehost to only cost $2.65 per month for only 36 month with every other extra free. Now, I have NO idea how this happened, but I can say, I saved A TON, and I am very grateful that God comes through and blesses His children who want to serve him. No matter what situation you are in, financially, spiritually, emotionally, GOD PROVIDES.


Let me tell you though, It was NOT easy making this decision. From many breakdowns, to asking 20 million questions, IT TOOK A LONG TIME for me to be able to take this big step. Stepping into the unknown is hard. I am a type A person who like to know what is coming up and when and also why. But hey, that is not what God wants.

Hebrews 11 talks about having faith and stepping out. . It wasn’t easy for Abraham who was told to leave his land and go to a place in which God will Guide. Sarah had trouble believing that she would have a kid at an old age, yet, she was and is the mother of many nations. They had their doubts, and spurts of unfaithfulness, but God still used them. God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called. And right here, right now, he is equipping me, and He is equipping you to go out and do His handiwork, because You are his Handiwork!


Philippians 4 talks about not being anxious, but pray about everything. If I had prayed and trusted in God a little more, this blog may have been up 3 months ago, but even then, it would not have been God’s timing. Today right here, right now, is God’s timing. ┬áI am new at this whole blogging thing, and not everything is going to be perfect, but that’s okay. Trusting in God with all that I do is top priority. I hope this gives you a sliver of hope.

May your Day Sparkle,






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