Chuggin through!

My oh my, it has been a very long week.

Filled with some very fun things of course. To start off with, I’ve primarily been put in target sports which is lovely because I’m out in nature and handling some fun equipment.

Monday was quite hectic, during riflry, I had about 3 guns not work properly in one session so that was pure craziness. Thankfully, they were somewhat decently quick fixes, and also we had some extra guns.

That night, I had learned how to play a new game. It’s called magic and it’s a strategy card game where the goal is to kill everyone off. I know, brutal, but for a first time player, I made it until the final 2, until I was pretty much demolished, but I’m okay with that because I expected to be killed off the first round.

Tuesday was super fun! It was my day off and I had asked 2 of my friends, Jess and Holly, if they wanted to hang out. The best part of the day was that we had absolutely no clue what we wanted to do or where to go.

It was more like, let’s wing it and see where the wind takes us. So we ended up in some of the shops in Big Rapids and of course we said we were going to window shop but that never happens, or at least for me and Holly because we both spent money haha.

After, we went to the Salvation Army thrift shop and I found my spring formal dress for school and Jess found this cool 1960’s guitar for only $35. We ate Lunch at Panera bread which I was pleasantly surprised that they had a decent gluten free selection and then to the beach were we chilled and just relaxed.

When we decided we were done at the beach all three of us went to Jess’s house and we hung out, where I talked nonstop of how Grace Bible is awesome and that she needs to go also. It was a relaxing day especially since we weren’t bound to a schedule or had to be anywhere anytime soon.

My day off was probably the highlight of my week. Wednesday day was pretty cool to because I was at the riflry range. There is a deck and roof  where people shoot and I was deep cleaning some guns there. Next thing I know, I can’t see a thing because it’s so dark and here comes a down pour.

It was amazing listening to the rain hitting  the metal roof above me while it thundered too. Of course by the down pour hit, I had been doing more watching than cleaning haha, but I just love watching the rain hit.

It had rained and poured on and off all day and many activities were cancelled. But then it brightened up the next day and it continued to shine. Other than that it has been a very busy week. Just about every session of activities has been filled to capacity and over flowing. It’s been great.

This week I’m COing in 10-13’s and I’m so excited to see God work.

Please be in prayer for:

  • Energy and strength for all the staff as we are getting very tired and worn out
  • The campers coming in this week and that they will be blessed and for salvation for them

May your day Sparkle,


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