Christmas Traditions

What is it that makes your Christmas’s so special?

Is there anything that makes you super excited for Christmas?

What about Christmas memories?

Decorating for Christmas is so fun. Decorating the tree and the house. It is always a trip down memory lane for us.

The ornaments that we use consist of pictures, homemade ornaments and antique ornaments. Every year I have always set a plate full of cookies out for Santa Claus, and maybe, if he’s lucky, will get regular milk.

Haha. I sometimes will replace that milk for soy milk, or almond milk, just to surprise Santa.

I also enjoy watching A Christmas Story 24 hour marathon with my brothers. That movie is a must see every year for me. But Christmas morning, that is the best.

The whole family will get woken up at 6 am. YES 6 AM to open presents. That is early! But that’s what my family loves (or so we say) to do.

After gifts, we all filter into the kitchen to eat the delicious breakfast casserole my mom makes every year. And finally after about an hour all together, we all go back to sleep! HAHA.

Yes, that is what happens in my household. What are your favorite traditions?
May your day Sparkle

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  1. I enjoy making my senior/dementia groups extra happy with the best Christmas program I can muster each year. I bring lots of pictures, stories, candies, and music that can easily prompt them to recall some of their fondest Christmas memories. This has become a tradition for me. I also have a great time with my family at our beloved mother’s house. This year I am wearing a red sweater with a huge sparkly Christmas tree on it. I love watching them guffaw, smirk, and react in their own unique ways to my yearly antics. Traditionally, I am the entertainment!

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