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In the Midst of the Storm

In the Midst of the Storm, God is still Good! In the midst of the storm, God’s love defends me! In the midst of the storm, we may bend but, we will not break! Storms are going to come. Storms are going to be painful. But God is still Good! He still cares! He has […]

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Finding Contentment in Singleness

Finding Contentment: Singleness Series Part 2

(This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclaimer for more info.) Being content is no easy task! I have just completed my third semester of college and it took this long to find contentment in being single. After going through several and far too many crushes, I had enough. The emotional rollercoaster that you […]

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Your Single Status Isn't the Problem

Your Single Status Isn’t the Problem! Singleness Series Part 1.

(*This post contains affiliate links which means I get compensated for you purchasing through my links. Please know, I do not promote anything that I do not agree with. See disclaimer for more information.) Yep! That’s right, you read that title correctly. Your single status isn’t the problem. How you look at your circumstance is. […]

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Too Blessed to be Stressed

Too Blessed to Be Stressed

Have you ever had days where all you want to do is sit in a corner and just complain about how life sucks and how you just want God to come down and save you from all the trials that come our way? What if, instead of complaining, we say thank you? Saying thank you […]

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10 Ways to Relieve Stress

As a college student, I find it easy to get super stressed within a matter of seconds. All it can take is one more event go wrong and your over the edge. Well, at least that is how it was for me this week for sure. With about 3 papers to do, a couple quizzes […]

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God Provides!

GOD PROVIDES and when he decides to provide, he really provides all the way! Well, I did it! I officially own my blog. Going from to just plain ole God has definitely laid down on my heart to own this blog. By doing this, I will be able to monetize it, own it, […]

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Say Wha??

Well, the past couple days have been incredibly crazy and event filled. I am back living in the dorms and have one spectacular roommate 😉 Our room is finally the way we want it. Yes, that is a hammock hanging on the side of my bed. Haha! My side of course if filled to the […]

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Back to the Books

Well, this week included a lot of organizing, packing, more organizing and realizing that I have too much stuff. Haha, but what girl doesn’t? I finally was able to get my room in a somewhat decent order, my things packed and ready to go so I could move back to school. My home away from […]

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At Last!

Finished my last and final week at camp! Savoring my last time with my friends before they headed off and I headed off. While I loved my time at camp and working there, I am happy to say that I am home and able to relax. I now am having fun attempting to pack and […]

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It’s the Final Countdown

Well, this week has been quite the week. I had the opportunity to hang out with Holly’s family all last and most of this week. Watching the campfire and stargazing. All week I smelled like campfire and it was beautiful! Crashing at their campsite was just the small little break that I needed and made […]

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