Empowering Young Women to Become Unstoppable



Hi, my name is Sarah. I am college student attending a small college and blogger/ writer. My story begins before I was born. It began in China where God protected me from many things that could have gone wrong in the 16 months I was there. Since being adopted, I have spent my life here in Michigan.

I grew up in the church and went to a Christian elementary and High school. Although it wasn’t all glam and glitter for me.

I struggled with a lot of insecurity and perfectionism. I was considered the “goodie goodie” the “one who could do no wrong” but, God was with me and showed me that it is okay to be perfectly imperfect.

From going through these struggles, empowering women is a passion of mine.

He guided me to attend a college where I now call my second home. There I met some of my closest friends. I am currently in my second year studying Human Services with a minor in Global Communications and Bible. With this, I want to go into counseling and missions and help people.

I love music, and play piano and violin. I have recently gotten into art with drawing and painting. I got into writing about a year ago with creating my own blog.

I came up with Spreading Glitter because I love glitter. It’s catchy, and it’s noticeable and it gets EVERYWHERE! Glitter isn’t just some craft thing but it also can represent a very bubbly personality, happy, out going and it also can mean light.

Glitter catches and reflects light.

Without light, glitter is dull.

In odd terms, I am the glitter and Jesus is the light and I will shine bright with Jesus reflecting his light on me. Join me in being glitter and reflect the light of our Lord Jesus Christ, Savior and Father. Please click on the blog to see all my fun filled articles and learn a little more about me and my life!